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Make up for your Digital Carbon Dioxide Footprint with Grevolution’s Web Development Services
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Building a Green Web One Step At a Time

Hi, I am Anton Falgaard – web developer and the brains behind Grevolution.

At Grevolution, we believe that your website can do better by going “green.”

With robust and timely web development, we help every business that aims to play its part in saving the environment by investing in a sustainable website.
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Anton Faarup Falgaard
Founder of Grevolution
- Passionate for Green Web Development

Green Web Design Services

If You Can Imagine It We Can Develop It - And Make It Come To Life!

As an emerging web design company, Grevolution works with all levels of responsive web design. Notwithstanding the layout, color scheme, fonts, or overall structure of what you want, as a web designer, implementing your vision is my priority.

Once you sign up, Grevolution works with you every step of the way to come up with a web design that is tailored as per your specific needs and brings you closer to your business goals.

Eco Websites

Grevolution follows the eco-friendly web development best practices to create websites that are optimized for energy efficiency – they are lighter and take lower load times.

Our web design, whether it's the Front Page design or the Homepage Design, delivers content as efficiently as possible.

We eliminate any negative space, pop-up ads, heavy colors and any other elements that could lead to your website using more energy than it should.


Your website usually serves as the first impression most customers have of your business.

When they visit your site for the first time and explore your products and services, if your website is down, outdated, or has glitches, this first impression could get spoiled resulting in loss of potential sales.

Grevolution offers two customizable plans as part of its website maintenance service, and each package’s features fulfill the unique needs of your business.

Our Portfolio

Ane Elkær
Founder of AeKeramik
Rasmus Brems Hulgaard
Founder of Holstisk Balance
Marlon Buriti
Osteopat - Founder of Santos Institute

Website Maintenance You Can Depend On!

Our Website Maintenance Plan enables your business to deliver a fast, smooth, and secure online experience.

Your bike risks breaking down if not maintained regularly and accurately and the same goes with your website.

It is crucial for you to periodically assess the back-end of your website for potential bugs and perform timely fixes – security updates and patches.

Not doing so means that your website risks becoming a threat to the visitors and may even become a reason for them to bounce soon as they arrive.

In the long-run, an absence of consistent website maintenance may also end up hindering your business’s growth.

Let Grevolution take care of essential maintenance for your website, and perform the upgrades so you can entirely focus on more critical business operations.

Whether you need a monthly or weekly website maintenance plan, Grevolution renders the expertise your business demands.

Anton Faarup Falgaard
Founder of Grevolution

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