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Hi, I am Anton Falgaard – web developer and the brains behind Grevolution. At Grevolution, we believe that your website can do better by going “green.” With robust and timely web development, we help every business that aims to play its part in saving the environment by investing in a sustainable website.

Anton Faarup Falgaard
Founder of Grevolution
Passionate for Green Web Development

I Will Create a Green Yet Lean Website for Your Business

Every website design by Grevolution inc revolves around the VIGOR principle, which means that it is:
Visually appealing
Optimized for mobile

I incorporate these ROI metrics in every project I take on, to ultimately drive faster and lighter sites.


This is What You Get!

We make web development ecological!


Wordpress is an intuitive, user-friendly, easy to learn content management system ​

Responsive Design

Your website will be customized for computers, phones, and tablets


Website security is important and we make sure that you and your customer's information is safe

User Experience

User experience design is important to keep your customers engaged by creating more interaction on your website.


Making your website animated is important nowadays, it not only makes you stand out but also keeps customers engaged


Your website may need different functions like social media, newsletters, e-commerce, etc. ​


Your website will be donating 3x its energy consumption to wind energy and 20% profits go to tree plantation

Fast Results

Once the plan for the website is made and I know what to do, your website will be up and running in no time!


Grevolution offer affordable prices that will be custom made for each client - We have general prices below

Why is sustainable web design crucial?

Most of us have become quite conscious when it comes to making sustainable choices as far as food, recycling, and electric cars are concerned. But how about the digital sphere which ends up utilizing a lot of energy, resulting in a massive footprint?

The internet’s carbon footprint is spiraling out of control and some say it will double by 2020.

The Internet’s consumption of energy runs parallel to a full-fledge country due to the ever-increasing data centers, network infrastructure and other technological components. 

If you care about the planet, the realization that your website could be potentially harming the environment should act as a catalyst. Practices that promote sustainability are the only solution. 

However, sustainable initiatives are still relatively new to the digital ecosystem and not something being adopted on a larger scale, which is why I aim to introduce more businesses to it. 

What makes Grevolution a Green Web Development Company?

With extensive hands-on experience in the various web development related functional areas, I know what goes into the creation of a visually appealing yet result-oriented web design that also benefits the environment.
With the use of the latest frontend tools and efficiently written code, I ensure maximum sustainability and a minimum carbon footprint.

Grevolution’s websites reduce network and energy overheads and contribute towards digital sustainability through lower load times
Wait, there’s more!

When you buy a website at Grevolution, 300% of your website’s estimated electricity consumption is donated to sustainable windmill energy projects.
You will receive a certificate authenticating your contribution to a “green web,”; which you can display on your website and let your users know about your positive contribution to the environment.

Grevolution donates 20% of it’s profits to tree plantation initiatives.
When you chose to work with Grevolution, you will be directly contributing to a better and greener planet!


Tree's Planted

Make up for your Digital Carbon Dioxide Footprint with Grevolution’s Web Development Services

As the Internet’s participation in the world’s climate pollution keeps rising, so should the responsibility of those who build it.

You can rely on Grevolution to compensate for your digital carbon footprint by contributing to renewable energy and keeping the damage to the environment to a minimum.

Grevolution aims to create greener websites while also satisfying the end-users with sites optimized for performance. 


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