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The Best Web Development Company For The Earth

Anton Faarup Falgaard
Founder of Grevolution
Web Developer, Juggler

Hi, I’m Anton and I create websites for brands, startups, and personal users.

 My passion is coming up with ways to express my client’s vision as clearly as possible!

Getting a website can be an overwhelming task that is why I clearly communicate every step on the way.

I help you make the process easy and simple. 

I am also a clown, juggler and the founder of The Green Busking Project which is combining street performance and charity.

– I created my first website at the age of 11
– I learned juggling at the age of 12 – I went to a circus school for 1 year when I was 17 years.
– I perform / busk on the streets regularly
– I perform fire and LED shows on festivals
– I currently live at my moms place
– I like to clown
– I consider myself spiritual
– I love smoothies
– I am a hugger (not in corona times though)

Your vision, my skills.

Helping my client's creating their vision is why I am here

Getting a website can be an overwhelming and time consuming task.

Grevolution is the Best Web Development Company for the earth and have the skills and the experience to create your website that express your vision.

Together we can launch your business and reach your customers who needs your service!

  • I can create your vision into a website which will be ideal for your customers
  • I will customise your website to your vision’s needs
  • I will create a smooth interaction between user and website
  • I can create you an online store with every product you that your customers will buy.
  • I can help you maintain your site so that you wont need to waste time.
  • You can be involved in as much of the process as you want to.


Why you should work with me

We are the best web development company for the earth


WordPress is an intuitive, user-friendly, easy to learn content management system ​

Responsive Design

Your website will be customized for computers, phones, and tablets


Website security is important and we make sure that you and your customer's information is safe

User Experience

User experience design is important to keep your customers engaged by creating more interaction on your website.


Making your website animated is important nowadays, it not only makes you stand out but also keeps customers engaged


Your website may need different functions like social media, newsletters, e-commerce, etc. ​


Your website will be donating 3x its energy consumption to wind energy and 20% profits go to tree plantation

Fast Results

Once the plan for the website is made and I know what to do, your website will be up and running in no time!


Grevolution offer affordable prices that will be custom made for each client - We have general prices below


Tree's Planted

Let's make a change together!

Don't be afraid to connect, let's have a talk and see if we can help each other