Green Busking

As juggling, clowning and street performing is part of my passion, I love to invite people into an atmosphere of joy and laughter where everyone loves and care for their environment

Tree plantation

Tree's Planted
316 $
Tree Bank
Goal : Tree's

Green Busking

To connect the people around you to your environment whatever that means to you is what Green Busking is about.


Green busking is about sharing the happiness by being yourself, to inspire other people to act in their own unique way to support their environment around them, even being loving towards your family is inspiring.

Street Performance

Earning money as a street performer is not always an easy task, it requires a lot of energy and a positive attitude, every coin in the hat is appreciated and in Green Busking street performance is of the main focus


It is an important part of life to give, to give what you can and to receive that is why the dynamic of the green busking project is based on love and what goes around comes around. Indeed the hat started filling with more coins after half of its existence is based on charity!

1 Tree 1 Dollar

How does it work?

1. Money In The Hat

Usually, a street performer throws in some money in their hat to get the momentum going, so I always write that down in my notebook(on my phone) after I am done performing I count all the money and write it down in my notebook

2. Divide The Money

When I have counted the money and written it down I divide the money to the value of what I have determined the percentage to be(Usually 50%) and I transfer my money into my "Tree Bank" which is an account I made for the holding of money to all the trees.

3. Reach Goal and Celebrate!

When I have reached the goal I usually write a thank you post on the Facebook page, I take a picture of the receipt and the tree certificate and publish it for everyone to see at the tree plan​